Fun Streets

The area that we live in has a population that is very rich in its diversity, we have people who originate from all over the world and who represent many different cultures and religions with many different languages that are spoken. We also have a population that is quite transient, in that people may move into the area for a relatively short period of time. Fun Streets hosts or supports a number of events throughout the year to help us to get to know our neighbours. Please check our events pages to see what’s coming up:

  • Annual Summer Street Party – Once a year we close off part of Baker Street and hold a party. It’s a great opportunity to meet neighbours old and new and take part in many activities.
  • BSANA Community Fair – We have rebranded what we used to call the “Artisan Food Fair” and have given it what we think is a more fitting name. It is held the last Saturday morning of every month in The Oasis (21 Baker St, Reading RG1 7XT). Over complimentary drinks and nibbles you can get to know your neighbours and if you like also purchase items or learn something new.

At the BSANA Community Fair on the 29th of January we were joined by RISE BakehouseThe Jam LadySIP (coffee and hot chocolate), Sapphire Woodcrafts and The Silvers Workshop. Our local Abbey Ward Councillors surgery also returned. There was an opportunity to meet Caroline Streatfield introducing her new Arts Council England “People of the Oxford Road” portraits featuring local shop owners right from our very own street! Caroline previewed “The Baker” — right from our local RISE Bakehouse; gave a free introductory portrait art class and handed out her Oxford Road recipe cards from the High Street Heritage Action Zone “Hidden Recipes from my Ancestral Home” project, funded by Historic England and Reading Borough Council.

If you would like to help in the running of the “BSANA Community Fair” or the street party then please contact us. We are also always looking for new events so we can engage with as many people in our neighbourhood as possible, so if you have ideas please get in touch as we maybe able to help make then happen with both support and funding.