Fun Streets

The area that we live in has a population that is very rich in its diversity, we have people who originate from all over the world and who represent many different cultures and religions with many different languages that are spoken. We also have a population that is quite transient, in that people may move into the area for a relatively short period of time. Fun Streets hosts or supports a number of events throughout the year to help us to get to know our neighbours. The events listed below are just a few examples of the events that we host or support, please check our events pages to see what’s coming up:

  • Annual Summer Street Party – Once a year we close off part of Baker Street and hold a party. It’s a great opportunity to meet neighbours old and new and take part in many activites.
  • Artissan Food Fair – Typically held once a month for the sale of local products and produce.
  • Book Club – Held once a month to discuss a chosen book.
  • Music Nights – Held every two months or so.
  • Weekly Events – Friday games night, lunch time meetups…

If you would like to help in the running of an event then please contact us. We are also always looking for new events so we can engage with as many people in our neighbourhood as possible, so if you have ideas please get in touch as we maybe able to help make then happen with both support and funding.