GDPR Statement

BSANA Stores email addresses using Mailchimp.

BSANA has your email address either because you agreed at an event that we could email you or we have a business relationship with you. The attendance form at our events includes a column that says that you can give us an email address for us to add to our mailing list and we have added these. If you have given us your authorisation to send you emails, we do not need to sign you up again.

We only use the email address you gave us to send out emails about BSANA activities or activities that affect BSANA residents. We have never sold or given away your email addresses to any third party and will not do so in the future.

We would love to continue to send you emails about relevant activities and events. However if you would like to be removed from our mailing list, you can either unsubscribe from emails at the bottom of this (or any) of our emails – or email and we will unsubscribe you. From that point on, you will not receive any more emails unless you tell us you want to be re-added to the list (in writing).

On occasion, an email sent to you will “hard bounce”. A hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered. In most cases, bounced email addresses are cleaned from your audience automatically and immediately. Cleaned addresses will be excluded from all future campaign sends. Here are some common reasons an email may hard bounce:

  • Recipient email address doesn’t exist.
  • Domain name doesn’t exist.
  • Recipient email server has completely blocked delivery.

For more information on Mailchimp security, see

Data Protection Officer for BSANA:
Richard Rowlands: 28 Anstey Road, Reading, RG1 7JR –

This document is dated 21st May 2018 and is due to be reviewed in May 2020.