Safe Streets


BSANA works with Thames Valley Police to help keep people safe. BSANA does not do any policing duties itself, but there are policing initiatives,m such as Safer Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Watch which involve the public.

Local Policing

Every neighbourhood in Thames Valley has a dedicated neighbourhood policing team that works together with the local community and partners to:

  • prevent and reduce crime and disorder
  • improve neighbourhood conditions
  • improve feelings of security

They aim to make communities safer through an approach that is focussed on visibility, engagement, problem solving and community resilience.

If you have concerns about someone, or about crime and disorder in your neighbourhood, speak to one of your local PCSOs. You can do this directly in the street by attending your next ‘Have your say’ meeting or by calling 101 (or 999 in an emergency). You can also email our local policing team directly on the

For more information about the team that cover our area (Abbey and Battle ward, which is primarily the Oxford Road area), including the local police officers and crime maps, have a look at the Thames Valley Police Abbey / Battle web page.

Safer Neighbourhood Forum

We should all feel safe in our neighbourhood. BSANA works closely with the Oxford Road Safer Reading Forum to help to reduce crime or the fear of crime within our neighbourhood.The Safer Neighbourhood Forum is a chance both for residents to raise concerns directly with the police and local councillors as well as to hear what the local police are doing in our area. To find the upcoming meetings, see the BSANA home page.

To get added to the mailing list for the Safer Neighbourhood Forum, email Charlotte Deallie

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is about people getting together with their neighbours to take action to reduce crime.

They’re community initiatives owned and run by their members which are supported by the police. They work by developing a close relationship between community members and the local police.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can:

  • cut crime and the opportunities for crime
  • help and reassure those who live in the area
  • encourage neighbourliness and closer communities

We also have a local Neighbourhood Watch in the BSANA area. If you would like to be involved or set up one on your street, contact us.

Have your Say

This is a chance to meet local police, either in a venue or on the street, in an informal way either to give information to the police in a way where you can chat and answer questions – or to raise an issue. This is not to report crimes (use 101, 999, etc. for that). But if you have concerns and just want to talk to a police officer or PCSO, this can be another way of doing it.

These are not regular events, and can be anywhere from the Oasis (Baker Street) to on Broad Street. Those in our area are on our list of upcoming Events, or on the TVP Abbey / Battle web site.

If you have any other safe streets questions, contact us.