Complaints Procedure


BSANA is committed to achieving its stated objectives to the best of its ability, however, recognises that things can go wrong. BSANA takes complaints very seriously and looks to resolve them both efficiently and effectively. BSANA recognises that complaints can help drive improvements that are necessary for its long-term success, hence continually seeks feedback to help rectify mistakes made.

BSANA aims to ensure that making a complaint is as easy as possible and welcomes the submission of complaints via all its communication channels, including feedback forms, email, phone, post and verbally to any of its representatives. All complaints will be treated in confidence as far as possible.

Complaint submission

Feedback forms are available at all BSANA events, they contain both specific space for feedback questions supplied by the People’s Health Trust (our sponsor 2015-2019) and freeform space for people to write anything that they see fit. Feedback can be provided with contact details if a response is required or anonymously. Feedback is submitted to the event administrator and then entered into the BSANA database (anonymously) for action. The form is kept if a response is requested. Feedback may also be provided verbally to a BSANA representative, who may fill out a feedback form on their behalf.

BSANA maintains a telephone number which can be rung at any time, recorded messages can be left on the phone in the event of it not being answered. This phone number is posted within the BSANA newsletter, website and notice board.

BSANA maintains a complaints email address that is regularly monitored, the email address is displayed within its web site, newsletter and notice board.

BSANA has a postal address which is advertised on the website, newsletter and noticeboard.

Response to complaints

  1. Generally, BSANA seeks to resolve complaints within 30 days.
  2. For non-anonymous complaints, a response acknowledging receipt of the complaint will be provided as soon as possible after receiving a complaint and will include the capacity of the person likely to be dealing with the complaint and in what expected timeframe.
  3. Complaints of a trivial nature (such as a typo on the website) will be resolved directly by the responsible BSANA representative.
  4. Non-trivial complaints will be assigned to the chair unless the complaint is regarding the chair whereby it will be assigned to the trustees not directly involved in the complaint.
  5. If the complainant is not anonymous then the complainant will be notified of the outcome.
  6. If the complainant wishes to appeal the outcome, or pursue the complaint further, then the complaint will be passed to the trustees to make a final decision. The complainant will be notified of the final decision.

This was written on 13th October 2019 and is due to be reviewed in October 2021.