Poems in The Time of Corona

Local resident Kathy Tytler has shared a collection of her poems with us entitled “Poems in The Time of Corona” which can be downloaded here. We would like to share one the poems below. You can also see her performing the poem below for a video produced in Paris this week for ‘Paris Lit Up’ on You Tube (PLU featuring UK tour, Round 2 (36:52-38:00 minutes)).

These Are The Hands
(inspired by Michael Rosen’s poem)

These are the hands
  that plough the fields
  plant the seed
  pick the crop
  pack it up
  and drive the trucks
  that deliver your food.

These are the hands
  that stack the shelves
  work the checkout
  so we can feed ourselves.

These are the hands
  that drive the vans
  deliver your post
  and your parcels too.

These are the hands
  that drive the bus
  guide the trains
  so others can work
  and care for us.

These are the hands
  that empty your bins
  take away those things
  you’ve thrown out
  dispose them out of your sight
  or send for recycling

These are the hands
  that keep you warm
  and keep the lights on
  keep your water running
  and deal with your waste
  keeping us safe.

These hands and more
are our essential workers
carrying on
doing those tasks
that we can’t do without.

Value them all
Thank them all

and please wash your hands.

Kathy Tytler 4 April 2020