Helping a Neighbour

Echoing the words of the Leader of Reading Borough Council in encouraging all residents to look out for their neighbours at this time of enforced  isolation.

What you could do to help a neighbour:

  • Email, text or phone them and check if they’re OK. If you don’t have their number, perhaps another neighbour does.
  • Try to ensure the call comes from someone they know to avoid confusing them – but don’t be afraid to reach out if there is no-one else to help.
  • If you can’t get through on the phone, knock on their door. Remember to follow social distancing guidelines and step back at least two metres from the door to speak to them.  
  • Ask them if they need any practical help – can you or someone you know go to the shops for them, or add some items to an online order for them?  Could you collect their prescription?
  • If you drop off supplies for someone, include a short note reminding them who you are and how they can hold of you – or the Hub – if they need help again
  • They may just need company – could you arrange to phone them for a chat to just check in with them now and again?
  • If you can’t help them, you can suggest they contact the One Reading Community Hub, or even contact the Hub on their behalf
  • If you can’t get any response and are concerned, call 101, the police non-emergency number.”

Please be very wary of offers of help from unknown individuals or organisations. The Hub is the officially recognised source of volunteer help in Reading and is a partnership between RBC, RVA and Reading’s wider voluntary and community sector.